Environmental Monitoring

It is important to understand how agriculture, industry, and energy extraction can impact our atmospheric environment and our quality of life. SDL provides novel solutions to help understand how these activities affect the composition of our atmosphere.


  • Environmental particulates and gas detection
  • Mobile, rugged, and rapid solutions
  • Radiometric and atmospheric dispersion modeling
  • Field operations and coordination
  • Data reduction and analysis
  • Standoff and in-situ detection and quantification
  • Atmospheric particulate monitoring
  • Greenhouse gas monitoring (CO2, CH4, etc.)
  • Emissions monitoring (e.g., oil and gas extraction)
  • Chem/bio detection



Mobile Differential Absorption Lidar

SDL’s custom-designed DIAL laser instrument and mobile laser laboratory provides in situ monitoring to detect the concentration of fugitive emissions.


SDL's comprehensive air quality monitoring system, Aglite, is a cost-effective, vehicle-portable, rugged remote sensing system designed to help agricultural operation owners meet regulatory standards for pollution and improve air quality in their communities.


Compact Eye-Safe LIDAR System

CELiS is a small, eye-safe lidar system designed to monitor particulate matter (PM) generated from vehicle traffic, agriculture, or industrial sources. It can also be used to monitor air quality.