Cross-sensor Cueing

For airborne reconnaissance, covering a wide area while simultaneously collecting high resolution images is a constant challenge. Typically, a sensor is suited for one task or the other, but not both. However, SDL has demonstrated cooperative sensors that autonomously pass cues from wide area survey systems to detail-capturing inspection sensors, reducing both data volume and analysis time.


  • Wide-area-search sensors
  • Automatic target recognition
  • Autonomous sensor cross-cueing
  • High-value data simplifies operator workflow



Deployable UAV System for Targeting, Exploitation, and Reconnaissance

DUSTER demonstrated SDL’s ability to control an array of dissimilar UAV platforms while simultaneously processing and exploiting their sensor data.


Fusion, Exploitation, Algorithm, Targeting High-Altitude Reconnaissance

Under the FEATHAR program, SDL developed enhanced integrated multi‐intelligence sensor systems and fusion processing algorithms for multiple‐networked ISR platforms to identify, geo‐locate, and track enemy targets.