On-Site Support

SDL’s responsive team of technical experts can work remotely from any of our seven US locations or provide on-site support at customer facilities for short or long term projects. Our priority is assuring mission success for the DoD, the intelligence community, and civil and commercial customers. Our UARC role as a trusted agent of the Government enables SDL to provide objective support and expertise for long term planning as well as immediate needs, wherever and whenever required.


  • A responsive workforce willing to provide on-site support
  • Seven current locations and the ability to co-locate with customers
  • Portable equipment and key personnel for specialized testing and calibration
  • Integration, test, and pre-launch support and servicing expertise and equipment for cryogenic EO payloads
  • Mission planning and operations support
  • Flight testing services using UAVs and surrogates
  • Ground station operations and training
  • Sounding rocket campaign pre-and post-launch support at ranges worldwide