Sensor Interfaces

Sensors provide vital and often life-saving information to the warfighter. However, the DoD has many sensors with legacy protocols that are often nonstandard and need to be updated. SDL designed a system with the flexibility to implement multiple sensor interface protocols as well as add new protocols as they emerge. This system provides the ability to receive, process, and analyze the sensor data in real-time.


  • Multiple sensor interfaces
    • Manned and unmanned platforms
    • All branches of the Armed Forces
    • Multi-sensor fusion
  • Data link
    • Real-time simultaneous data feeds
    • Line of Sight and Ku SATCOM
    • Variety of bandwidth and range capabilities
      • Several variants using CDL and /or ATM
  • Platform integration and support
    • Many platforms
      • U-2
      • Global Hawk
      • F/A-18
      • P-3C
      • King Air
      • E-8C
      • Hawkerbeech B350
      • Sentinel R Mk 1
      • MQ-4C
      • Tornado GR4
      • Gray Eagle
      • ATARS
      • SHARP
    • Live downlink flight support
      • Real-time downlink and data capture
      • Supported data links include:
        • CDLS (Cubic)
        • TWISTER (L-3)
        • MIST-2 (L-3)
        • Cascade (L-3)
        • Mini-CDL/TCDL (L-3)
        • Rover (L-3)
        • Cadet Radio (L-3)



Processing & Display Software

VANTAGE™ is SDL’s leading tactical imagery exploitation software suite.

Sky Lynx

Common Data Link Interface

SDL designed and developed Sky Lynx for receiving, synchronizing, routing, and simulating sensor-collected tactical/reconnaissance imagery and navigation data. Sky Lynx supports a variety of CDL and ATM based sensors and converts the data to Gigabit Ethernet for ground station processing and viewing.


Squadron Hi–Vis Advanced Reconnaissance Computer

Working with the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR), SDL developed the SHARC ground station which was used in aircrew training, mission results validation, target verification, and on‐site maintenance assistance.


Shared Reconnaissance Pod

SHARP was a multi-functioned reconnaissance pod, adaptable to several airborne platforms for tactical manned airborne reconnaissance.