FPGA Processors

Data processing and manipulation requirements are ever increasing. SDL leverages significant experience in implementing FPGA-based processing capability into its designs to provide customers with an easily upgradable, very high speed, small footprint device.


  • Compiled and precompiled processors
    • ARM, MicroBlaze, PowerPC
    • Microcontroller
    • GPA
    • DSP
  • System configuration or partial reconfiguration allowing capability updates ‘on the fly’
  • Multiple interface types
  • High speed data processing and manipulation (up to 100 Gb/s)


Sky Lynx

Common Data Link Interface

SDL designed and developed Sky Lynx for receiving, synchronizing, routing, and simulating sensor-collected tactical/reconnaissance imagery and navigation data. Sky Lynx supports a variety of CDL and ATM based sensors and converts the data to Gigabit Ethernet for ground station processing and viewing.


Network Analysis Device

SDL designed and developed hardware for high-speed network routing and analysis.


Advanced Reconnaissance Compression Hardware

SDL developed the ARCH hardware and software suite to provide near real-time image compression for the US Navy’s tactical reconnaissance systems.