Government-Owned Software

Custom software is often encumbered by expensive license fees or held hostage by proprietary intellectual property rights. Software developed by SDL is free for Government use and enables programs to maximize their budget dollars. The Government maintains the software distribution rights and has open access to the source code.


  • Access to source code
  • No extra charges for license fees
  • Full Transparency
  • Low risk development



Distributed Common Ground Station

SDL delivers customized ground stations, the modular VANTAGE™ software suite, and data link interface products to support the unique needs of the DoD’s DCGS programs for the Air Force, Navy, Army and Marine Corps.


Processing & Display Software

VANTAGE™ is SDL’s leading tactical imagery exploitation software suite.


Deployable UAV System for Targeting, Exploitation, and Reconnaissance

DUSTER demonstrated SDL’s ability to control an array of dissimilar UAV platforms while simultaneously processing and exploiting their sensor data.


Fusion, Exploitation, Algorithm, Targeting High-Altitude Reconnaissance

Under the FEATHAR program, SDL developed enhanced integrated multi‐intelligence sensor systems and fusion processing algorithms for multiple‐networked ISR platforms to identify, geo‐locate, and track enemy targets.


Rapid Processing & Display Software

SDL’s Slingshot software enables rapid, integrated development of a customized screener using standard interfaces.